Jim Lewis

For Attorney General

Dear fellow Democrats:

           We Democrats are in jeopardy of not having a single Democrat elected to statewide office after the November 2022 election. Republicans have raised millions of special interest dollars to blow us out. Every political pundit says Democrats are long shots for US Senate, Governor, Attorney General, etc.

           But fear not Democrats, we can and will win if we appeal to the same people who decide every statewide election in Florida, the people in the middle. We must reach the moderates, independents, and the 10% of Republicans who will cross party lines if inspired.

          We will not win statewide elections by seeking to defund police or outlaw the death penalty. People want safe streets, well-vetted and well-trained police, and laws enacted to curb gun violence.

          Democrats are always out-front for real change and in many ways, we need it.

However, if we do not field moderate candidates who can appeal to people in the middle, we cannot be elected, and if we can’t get elected, we can’t make necessary change.

          If we are going to win statewide offices in Florida, we are going to do it with less money and less political organization than the other guys. That is just a fact, but we can win with ideas that make sense to every day people, working people.

Let us be the party that:

1. Demands safe streets, and passes legislation to reduce gun violence.

2. Recreates a criminal justice system that is fair and still protects us from criminals.

3. Protects our environment and our wildlife from the ignorant and the greedy.

4. Gives everybody the same opportunity to vote.

5. Protects a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body.

6. And yes, legalize marijuana for home use, stop the medical marijuana farce that lines the pockets of a favored few, and puts poor people in jail.

          We can get the Republicans who do not want Donald Trump to be president again to vote for us, if we don’t scare them off with a leftist agenda.


          Working people cannot afford to buy a house, working people struggle buying groceries and gas, and cannot afford childcare so they can work. Untreated mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness, those are problems that need immediate attention.

          Too many people in our society look at government and say what I can get. What people forget is that we are the government. The government spends our money. We get out of government what we put in it, everybody has an obligation to make the world a better place, for each other, and our children. John F Kennedy said it best, “Ask not what your country can do for you, as what you can do for your country.”

          Everybody that can work needs to work. Those who are sick or old need to be taken care of. Children need to be raised with good morals and they need a good education, and parents and local school officials need to be left the hell alone to teach our kids about everything, not just with the right wing radical nutballs want. My parents saw to it that I got a good education, they taught me to work hard, and that anything is possible if you do not give up.

          I believe a moderate candidate, like me of course, an experienced prosecutor and trial lawyer, gives Democrats the best chance to beat politicians lake Republican incumbent Attorney General Ashley Moody. Moody is a Trump disciple who has attached herself as governor DeSantis’ personal legal machine pushing the right wing agenda.

          I believe I can compete against a well-financed Republican like Ashley Moody, by appealing to Independents and Republicans who do not want Donald Trump to be president again.

          Call me crazy, I still believe that Democrat and Republican politicians can work together to solve the people’s problems. Extreme Partisan politics is a greater threat to our democracy than any foreign foe. Where did it start that the most important qualification for public office was ability to raise a large sums of money from rich and powerful special interests. Our current system of campaign financing guarantees government favoring the rich, how wrong is that. Lets go back to electing candidates based on work experience and a better vision for our collective future. Florida thrived when we had democratic moderate leaders like Reuben Askew, Lawton Chiles, and Bob Graham. We can thrive again.

          I’m Jim Lewis, proud Democrat and candidate for Florida Attorney General. Help me prove the political pundits wrong. People over politics every time.

Jim Lewis, (954) 907-2788

[email protected]

200 S. E. 6th Street Suite 301 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 954.523.7949

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jim Lewis, DEMOCRAT for Florida Attorney General.